Annual Report


Annual General Meeting Wednesday 18 November 2020

Not able to take place because of the Coronavirus


The following Reports were distributed to all members by email or deliverd by hand:

Chairman and Secretary's Report for 2019/ 2020

We have all been very sad that we have been unable to meet together for our usual meetings and that all the summer trips had to be cancelled.  Terry and I, with the committee, have been very heartened that 68 members have renewed their membership with another 4 paying next year.  Because we had to cancel the 2020/2021 programme, it has been decided your membership will be carried over to the 2021/2022 season when we hope that we may be able to offer you a programme (even if in a slightly different form.) All officers and committee members are happy to continue in their positions for another year.


Many members have taken photographs of their gardens and places visited, to go on our rolling slide show on our website  Many thanks to Martin Freeman for keeping this updated.


As secretary,  I would like to thank Emma Bayley for her support in sending out all the emails and delivering or posting to those not on email.  Thanks also to all the committee for their support .  WE WILL BE BACK!


Terry (chairman) and Eileen (secretary)

Treasurer's Report

After a good start to our Association year, with great support from members and some good visitor numbers, none of us could have imagined what 2020 held for the world. What a difficult year in so many ways! We can only hope that this current lockdown and the vaccine which is being trialled will lead to a better future for us all.

It has been heartening to see what pleasure members have gained from their gardens and allotments. Thank you to all of you for continuing with your subscriptions this year and a big thank you to Emma Bayley for receiving and banking most of these, as I do not live in Chipping Norton. Thank you also to Mr. Michael Fletcher for auditing the accounts once again. The accounts are attached and show a deficit for the year of £239. This is no surprise and we have the security of our Coop savings account to carry us over this time of financial loss. I would just draw your attention to our rental payment shown on the accounts. I pay the hall rent retrospectively, so the £280 paid is for the previous year January- December 2019. During the next financial year, I will only have 2 meetings to pay for, January and February 2020.

I feel sure 2021 will see a gradual opening up of places to meet and to visit. Your committee are ready to plan a programme of speakers and outings as soon as possible. We have agreed to carry the current membership forward to cover 2021. Until then, thank you again for your continued support and continue to enjoy your gardens.

L. Souch

Receipts and Payments for the period ending 30 September 2020

Date of next AGM

7th November 2021