Annual Report


Annual General Meeting Wednesday 20 November 2019


The chairman, Terry Bartholomew welcomed members to the meeting.

Apologies received from George and Monica Barrow, Stephen Bywater and Yvonne Ward.

Minutes of last year’s AGM had been circulated – members accepted the minutes for 2017/18.

Chairman and Secretary's Report for 2017/ 2018

The 2018/19 season commenced last October with our monthly indoor meetings supported well by members and visitors.

The speakers have been well received and the topics very varied – this year we had three new speakers and four “old faithfuls”.

Summer day’s out continued again this year – to Kew Gardens, Meadow Farm Gardens, Feckenham, Trentham Gardens, Hidecote/Kiftsgate and Cogges, Witney/Aston Pottery. The weather was very kind to us on all trips but only the first two day’s out were we able to fill the coach but we were well able to cover costs. Because we did not wish to participate in the Town Festival the committee agreed that a little extra be added to the price for each place on the trips, therefore endeavouring to well cover costs and a make a small amount for our funds. This year we made £330. All trips seemed to be enjoyed by all who were able to join us.

The paid-up membership stands a 81. This is the highest membership we have had in living memory!

A very long standing member of the association, although not able to attend in recent years, EileenWinter sadly passed away during the year; as did a very new member David Lunn but he had enjoyed the summer trips last year.

We received our usual gift of £50 from the Batsford Foundation, this is sent to help off-set the cost of speakers.

6/8 members and friends continue to help with the garden at Abbeyfield during the summer/autumn season. Also 3 have spent time tidying the garden at the front of Beech Haven care home.

During the year a new Gardening Club has started in the Rollright’s and for the surrounding villages. We have been supporting them in this venture, as has Linda Souch as she lives there, and has been able to report back to the committee - they are being well supported from other villages.

I would like to say thank you to the committee for your continued support, also the refreshment team and to you, members and friends for your support at meetings and on trips. At this point I would like to mention that if anyone would like to join the committee or take on a role within the association, such as secretary, as I feel I would like to “retire” by the 2022 AGM which gives you good notice, and the give volunteer/s the opportunity of working a long side me and others - please see me afterwards.

Treasurer's Report

We have had another very good year with new members and guests. Our financial position is very healthy which gives us confidence for the future of the Horticultural Association. We are grateful for the Batsford and CNHA outings for their grants. Thank you all for your continued membership and support of the sales table and outings.

Our balance is slightly reduced this year as we gave the new gardening club at Rollright a donation. The club began with 4 local people and now has 40 members. They have had 2 speakers, an open gardens afternoon, plant stall and 2 car share outings.

Re-Election of Officers

All the officers are happy to stand again for another year. They were all duly re-elected.

Chairman, Terry Bartholomew; Deputy-chair, Paula Mitchell; Secretary, Eileen Forse; Treasurer, Linda Souch; Membership secretary, Emma Bayley and Speaker’s secretary, Paul Embden.

Re-Election of Committee

All the committee are happy to stand for re-election for another year and were duly re-elected.

George Barrow, Kate Bartholomew, Martin Freeman, Elisabeth Morland, Doug. Paxton and Wendy Sumners.

Appointment of Auditor/Examiner for 2020/21

Linda said that Michael Fletcher was happy to stand again for another year this was duly passed. Many thanks to Michael for another year.


Cicely Maunder on behalf of the meeting wished to thank the secretary for organising the summer days out. Elaine Parson wished to express thanks to all the committee for their continued work for the association.

Date of next AGM

This will be on Wednesday, 18th November 2020.

There being no further business the meeting closed and then continued with the usual monthly meeting and speaker.